Ace Business Has A New Location And New Staff

We are excited to announce that Ace Business now has a new location. Last week we officially moved into our new office space at 928 North East Road Modbury.

We are loving our new space, which is much bigger than the home office, and allows for much quieter work and meeting areas.

We also have some great news, that we now have a new administration staff member who will share the work load with Anne. Denise is easing her way into the role, and she is another great addition to our team.

For those that aren’t aware, we also have another amazing accountant Onnley that has now been with us for a few months and is a lively and knowledgeable addition to our team as well.

Unfortunately our resident Dog Leo hasn’t made the move to the new office.

Parking: There is a lot of parking available just behind the medical centre. Simply drive behind the medical centre and find a park. Then walk down the path to come out to Smart Road. You can enter on the door on the right hand side and walk upstairs.

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