Reminder: Upcoming Xero Price Changes Effective 13 September 2023

Xero Price Increase September 2023


As many of you may already know through Xero’s own announcements and emails, there will be some changes to the pricing of various Xero plans starting 13 September 2023. We wanted to ensure you’re well-informed about these upcoming changes and how they may affect you.

Price Changes Overview

The price adjustments are specific to subscribers on Xero Payroll-only, Starter, Standard, Premium, and Ultimate plans in Australia. Here is a summary of the changes:

  • Payroll-only:
    • Current: $10/mo
    • New: $15/mo
    • Change: +$5
  • Starter:
    • Current: $29/mo
    • New: $32/mo
    • Change: +$3
  • Standard:
    • Current: $59/mo
    • New: $65/mo
    • Change: +$6
  • Premium Plans:
    • Premium 5:
      • Current: $76/mo
      • New: $85/mo
      • Change: +$9
    • Premium 10:
      • Current: $87/mo
      • New: $99/mo
      • Change: +$12
    • Premium 20:
      • Current: $109/mo
      • New: $125/mo
      • Change: +$16
    • Premium 50:
      • Current: $149/mo
      • New: $170/mo
      • Change: +$21
    • Premium 100:
      • Current: $177/mo
      • New: $205/mo
      • Change: +$28
  • Ultimate Plans:
    • Ultimate 10:
      • Current: $110/mo
      • New: $115/mo
      • Change: +$5
    • Ultimate 20:
      • Current: $125/mo
      • New: $135/mo
      • Change: +$10
    • Ultimate 50:
      • Current: $165/mo
      • New: $180/mo
      • Change: +$15
    • Ultimate 100:
      • Current: $190/mo
      • New: $215/mo
      • Change: +$25

Please note that all pricing is in AUD and includes GST.

Important Notes

  • The price of any optional Xero add-ons will remain unchanged.
  • Existing discounts and promo codes will continue to be honoured until their expiration.

Impact on Clients Where Xero Is Billed Through Us

If you are currently on a monthly plan billed through us, please be advised that your plan will be adjusted to reflect these new prices. You will be required to re-sign your agreement with us due to these changes.

Next Steps

The price updates are automatic so there’s nothing you need to do. If you are on a plan you may be reissued with a new agreement which includes the increased rates for your Xero subscription.


We understand that price changes are always a matter of concern. Rest assured, these changes are aimed at ensuring that Xero can continue to offer high-quality features and services. We appreciate your understanding and continued support.

Should you have any questions or require further clarification, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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