Xero Price Rise Coming In September

Unfortunately as with many of the online apps have been doing, Xero has decided that it will be raising it’s prices in September.

The latest price rise, follows a number of software price increases that we’ve endured in the past 12 months with a 750% increase in Dext, and 100% increase from Now Infinity, we’re hoping that it will stop soon.

From September 2022, the following changes to Xero plans will occur, which we will need to pass on to all of our clients. Those of you that hold your own subscription will find that the change occurs automatically. We will begin the task of going through all of our clients invoices and making adjustments. Payroll only and Ultimate have both not been affected by the new price rise.

From September 2022 the following Xero plans will be increased and passed on as follows:


  • Current: $27/mo
  • New: $29/mo
  • Change: +$2


  • Current: $54/mo
  • New: $59/mo
  • Change: +$5

Premium 5

  • Current: $70/mo
  • New: $76/mo
  • Change: +$6

Premium 10

  • Current: $80/mo
  • New: $87/mo
  • Change: +$7

Premium 20

  • Current: $100/mo
  • New: $109/mo
  • Change: +$9

Premium 50

  • Current: $137/mo
  • New: $149/mo
  • Change: +$12

Premium 100

  • Current: $163/mo
  • New: $177/mo
  • Change: +$14

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