Statewide Super Merger To Cause issues with Super Contributions

For employers that have employees that have a Statewide Super Superannuation Fund, the super accounts are being merged over to HostPlus at present. This will affect employees in a number of ways, and unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a solution to get around these issues. We have been trying to get more information on this though.

If you try to login to Statewide super you will find that they will redirect you to the Hostplus website now, which takes you to this page.

This will tell you that during the merger they will be changing over the superannuation accounts of all Statewide members to HostPlus.

All members will receive login details and information on steps they will need to take within HostPlus from 9th May 2022.

Employers will need to change the employer numbers and USI numbers for all employees using Statewide super within their payroll. Please note: All employees using Statewide Super will have new employee numbers after the merger is complete.

New Details: Hostplus USI: HOS0100AU / Hostplus ABN: 68 657 495 890

The major issue

Many employers contribute superannuation quarterly just before the due date, and for the January to March quarter the due date was 28th April. What Statewide/Hostplus failed to realise when they chose these dates to have their systems merge and unavailable was that many employers contribute during these dates.

All of those contributions are now being returned. This will affect any contributions that were made from 5pm on 22 April 2022 until 9th May 2022.

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